Ver.0.6.0  May 5, 2022

What is LissajousSaver?

LissajousSaver draws Lissajous curves. LissajousSaver is a screensaver. But, it might not save the screen...

For your information > Lissajous curve - Wikipedia



For smooth running, we recommend that you use low frequency.


OS X Mountain Lion v10.8.5 or later, including macOS Monterey v12.3.1

64bit CPU


LissajousSaver Ver.0.6.0_u (Universal Binary/121KB/ZIP)

LissajousSaver Ver.0.6.0_a (Apple Silicon/89KB/ZIP)

LissajousSaver Ver.0.6.0_i (intel/98KB/ZIP)

Version History

0.6.0May 5, 2022

- Native support for Apple Silicon Macs.
- Support for macOS Monterey v12.
- Added "Fit to the screen size" option.
- Some minor improvements.

0.5.0September 20, 2020

- Support for macOS Catalina v10.15.

0.4.0October 14, 2018

- Support for macOS Mojave v10.14.

0.3.0March 29, 2017

- Added resize option.

- Improved user interface.

0.2.0March 17, 2017

- Support for the initial phase sweep.

0.1.0March 12, 2017

- First public version.

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